Who’s the archaeologist?

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAMy name’s Thea, and I’m a qualified archaeologist and secondary teacher. I’m also the Project Officer for the Young Archaeologists’ Program at La Trobe University.

With the launch of the new Australian Curriculum, teachers have some exciting history topics to cover, but sometimes the textbooks lack the information we need most, especially for areas like the ‘Ancient Australia’ depth studies at Year 7.

That’s why I started this blog – to assist teachers (and students) with their Australian Curriculum archaeology studies.

Posts on Ask the Archaeologist will include answers to your questions, as well as interesting archaeology news and facts, and information relevant to the Australian Curriculum.

You can find details about my professional skills and experience on LinkedIn.

And if you’re keen to take your class on an archaeology excursion, you can inquire at the Young Archaeologists’ Program website.

NEWS FLASH: I’m presenting an archaeology workshop at the HTAV Middle Years Conference on 25 October – come along to learn more about ‘Ancient Australia’!


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