Here’s a list of current (and fantastic) online resources for teachers. If you know of any good links that I’ve missed, please submit them here.

ABC ‘First Footprints’ official website – a great interactive site that ties in with the TV series

ABC Gold Coast – shell middens – some good images and a useful soundbite

ABC Quantum – Jinmium – an interesting case study (more Jinmium information here)

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Mini-Poster Series – quality images and explanations for general archaeological terms and artefacts

Aboriginal Heritage Office – information about heritage

Aboriginal Heritage Tasmania – shell middens – Tassie heritage

The Australian Museum – good overview of Ancient Australian past

CaveWorks – megafauna – some great images and info about megafauna

Dust Echoes study guides – Indigenous heritage study guides on a variety of topics

History Teachers Association of Australia – Narrabeen Man classroom activity – excellent teaching resource, with project downloads, activity instructions, and assessment outline

History Teachers’ Association of Victoria – handouts available for latest conference

Melbourne Museum’s Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre – if you can’t get your class to this exceptional permanent exhibition (an absolute MUST for local students) then check out the quality online resources

Mungo Explorer – an interesting case study, with interactive resources and teacher classroom packs

Mungo National Park – information to support Mungo activities

National Trust of Australia (WA) teacher’s resource – advice for teachers when teaching Aboriginal history

National Trust of Australia (WA) depth study outline – some good case studies

NSW Government: Heritage and Environment – shell middens – information about shell middens

SBS ‘First Australians’ complete series online – gotta love the SBS for making this fantastic series available in full for free


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