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Pozible campaign is officially launched!

Ancient Australia Unearthed is a unique book for kids that uses archaeology to teach Australia’s ancient history.

Over the past six months, I’ve had heaps of teachers ask me for information – websites, books or anything else useful – that will help them teach the new Australian Curriculum history topic ‘Ancient Australia’. This unit is all about the Indigenous past, and while there are a handful of amazing online activities for kids, there are a total of zero comprehensive books devoted to this topic for a high school audience.

21Yep. Zero.

Powerful and well-funded bodies such as Veterans Affairs provide a wealth of information and activities for topics like Gallipoli and the Vietnam War, but Ancient Australia – an equally important part of our history – has been sorely neglected.

I intend to change that.

As an archaeologist, I have the knowledge and expertise to analyse the science. As a teacher, I understand what is required to translate this academic language into plain English. And as a writer, I have the skills to do just that.

PROBLEM: Large slabs of information about Ancient Australia are locked away in archaeology reports and academic journal papers. And which teachers have a month to sift through a pile of scientific articles and then turn that information into fun classroom activities? None that I know!

SOLUTION: I’ll do the research then translate the academic language into plain English. I’ll add a stack of exciting classroom activities along with heaps of great pictures, illustrations and games. That way, teachers can spend more time on the fun and less time on the work.

I’m working hard to have this book ready for the beginning of Term 1 in 2014. But without funding, I won’t meet that deadline, and if I miss the deadline, then kids and teachers will miss out too, because I’ll have to find another way to pay for design and print, and that could take a long time.

Visit pozible.com/ancientaustralia for more information. Donate, and I’ll send you some great Ancient Australia Unearthed merchandise!

Like this hat!
Like this hat!
Or this magnet!
Or this magnet!

But I can’t do this without your support!

So please spread the word, and help unearth the fascinating history of Ancient Australia!



Ancient Australia at HTAV

I will be presenting a seminar on Ancient Australia at the HTAV Middle Years Conference on Friday 25 October at 1:30pm.

This session discusses Ancient Australia in archaeological terms. Explore the ‘history’ of Ancient Australia through its changing climate and environment and how this impacted upon lifestyles and land use. Get tips on how to practically apply the depth study unit Ancient Australia, with a different approach to history and a fascinating new archaeological case study. While the session has a Year 7 focus, any teachers interested in Indigenous archaeology are invited to attend.

For more information, visit the HTAV website.

Understanding Ancient Australia

Beginning Term 3 2013, I will be offering an Ancient Australia professional development session to schools in and around Melbourne.

The session includes:

  1. Clarification of important historical and archaeological terms of reference
  2. Definition of Ancient Australia
  3. Examination of critical points in the Ancient Australia timeline
  4. Discussion of significant ancient Indigenous archaeological sites
  5. Ideas on how to approach the topic Ancient Australia in the classroom

For more information, head to the Professional Development page.

Understanding Ancient Australia